Our solution

We worked with the National Trust to develop insight-led customer journeys, informing content plans and create video content championing the cause behind the charity.

Most recently, we told the stories of the very special people who spend their days protecting and preserving National Trust properties. We filmed unstaged stories of inspiring staff and volunteers who help this charity.

Four 30 second highly impactful stories that highlight the passion of the volunteers and staff, as well as the importance of the National Trust, were seeded sequentially on their Facebook channel.

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The results

The videos reinforced the love felt for all those involved in the Trust.

Achieving 130,000 organic views and 3,000 reactions, they most importantly received the kind of audience feedback the Trust was looking for.

"What I'm very impressed
by is the insights they have
given us.
...It's rooted in an understanding
of the brand and audience, and
it's that rigour which I think is
really important for content."

Mark Scott
Marketing Agency Director - National Trust

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