Digital video consumption is rapidly growing, with studies suggesting that the majority of mobile traffic in 2020 will come from online videos. Our social news feeds are already filled with them and brands are increasingly utilising videos to engage their target audiences. For those new to the world of videos on Facebook, check these 5 best practice tips to make sure you’re getting most out of your video posts.

1) What’s the point?

Don’t make a video just for the sake of it. Make sure your video has a clear purpose, and make sure that the video is on strategy. While individual users can upload a video of a cat playing the piano, (most) brands can’t. Like all good social content, Facebook videos should add value and find the balance between what your audience wants to see and what the brand wants to show them.

2) Don’t over-do the branding.

The best way to ensure a user watches less than 10 seconds of your video is by adding 10 seconds worth of branding to beginning of the clip. Unless your core message is “Hey, we’ve made a video!” you’re going to struggle to get your point across. When you post the video it will sit alongside your brand logo (profile picture) and name, so there’s little chance of a user not knowing who created the content. Also, branding can always be included at the end of a video once the core content has been delivered.

3) Quality over quantity.

Just because a video is made for social and is less than a minute in length doesn’t mean you can cut corners with production. While users can post mobile captured content edited on their phones, this (usually) isn’t the best idea for a brand. Rather than producing 12 cheap videos, it’s always better to invest in 1 piece of quality content.

4) The magic time limit is…

There is no magic time limit. While it’s often the case that the best performing social videos are the shortest, if you get the story and the pacing right, your audience will keep watching. That being said, Facebook is best suited for quick-fire content.

5) Sound? What sound?

The recent introduction of autoplay with sound gives you an opportunity to bring videos to life. Sound will fade in and out as your audience scrolls through videos in their News Feed. It’s worth keeping in mind that not everyone will have their sound on. Captions are certainly worth thinking about too, but they shouldn’t feel like a bolt-on.

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