Travel brands are increasingly using influencers to create content that their target audience wants to see, read and talk about. It’s easy to see why. Influencers can bring experiences to life, increase engagement and have the potential to reach large numbers of people. There are many examples, such as Kiersten who runs The Blonde Abroad. She started her blog, which is now self-funding, after quitting a corporate finance job and going travelling. Then there’s Instagram, a natural platform for beautiful photographs of exotic locations, and a natural home for travel influencers – some of which have millions of followers.

Be Authentic

Simply put, the influencer community can help brands engage with consumers more effectively than ever before. But it’s important that any partnership is just that – a two-way process. Any given influencer has to be right for the brand in question, and have some affinity with the product or services being sold. The public will be put off by anyone they believe is not authentic.

Trek America’s Success

There have been many successful relationships between brands and influencers. Trek America, for example, sent lifestyle bloggers on a tour of the west coast with a film crew to create video on route. That was combined with the images and content produced by the bloggers themselves. The result was win-win. The bloggers gained in terms of the experience; Trek America gained coverage and reached new audiences.

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