It’s fair to say that content marketing hasn’t taken the insurance world by storm. However, its increasing importance for almost every other sector has certainly got some companies thinking. Facing inherent barriers such as regulation, data protection and complex subject matter, it’s not surprising that large financial companies have generally found it challenging to embrace content marketing in any meaningful way. However, despite these hurdles, some insurance companies are making headway:

AIG – Haka 360

The Haka 360 Experience might sound like a tacky tourist attraction, but it is in fact another example of a way to transform your average smartphone into a VR headset. Seriously though, what on earth does that have to do with an insurance brand?! Well, AIG had an idea. Sponsors of the All Blacks, but not of the actual Rugby World Cup (2015) itself, AIG had a tricky task of avoiding direct RWC content but wanted to make the most of their opportunity.

Hosted on the The Haka 360 Experience app, AIG made use of 360 degree video to give the viewer the feeling of being on the field with the All Blacks and in the midst of the powerful Mori war dance. Best viewed on Google Cardboard (first 5,000 sign-ups got a free pair), the experience immersed the user into the world of the All Blacks, bringing them closer than before. If the user didn’t have a GC handy – let’s be real, who does – they were able to scroll around using the touch-screen.

AIG went a step further and released a couple more videos on their app, primarily focused around the rebuild of Christchurch, New Zealand, following the devastating 2011 earthquake. These featured a mix of All Blacks and AIG representatives talking about the work done, and still to do, to make the city great again.What made this content marketing campaign smart was its value. Consumers were able to have a unique experience made possible by AIG, therefore raising their profile in the local market and beyond.

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Aviva – #DriveSafer

How safe do you think you are on the road? Well, according to research undertaken by Aviva and the Telegraph, probably not as safe as you think. They found that while the majority of us have some understanding of the finer points of the Highway Code, most of us aren’t very good at putting that into practice. The results can be bad cornering, hard-braking and driving poorly in adverse weather conditions.

To combat this, British insurer Aviva launched their #DriveSafer campaign, encouraging the public to join in by downloading the Aviva Drive app. It [the app] automatically records your driving skills and journeys via a smartphone’s GPS, monitoring your accelerating, braking and cornering skills. Once you have driven 200 miles, you get a personalised score out of 10. The safer you drive, the better your score and the bigger the discount you could earn on comprehensive car insurance bought direct from Aviva.

Complementing the campaign is a suite of #DriveSafer content across Aviva’s social platforms; from useful infographics through to quick tips. Most notably is their video strategy where they’ve engaged with local influencers – for example, presenters from LBC Radio in London – to make engaging shorts (<15sec) based around the practical driving test.

This is a smart and useful campaign. There’s value in it for both brand and consumer, with the former collecting further customers and the latter assessing their own driving skills and encouraging their peers to do the same.

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Prudential – Day One

In late 2015, American insurance company Prudential set out to change the stereotype in the financial services space, taking the focus away from product and onto person.

The brand storytelling campaign, #DayOne, featured retirees’ true stories, boldly and honestly showcasing the realities of retirement to prepare America to meet its financial challenges like never before. The focus was very much on individual experiences, but these were supported by solutions such as life insurance, investment and pension guides.

Insurance Companies Content Marketing

Each video was moving and importantly, relatable. Prudential painted a real picture of retirement in America; it isn’t the end of your life but actually, the opening chapter of a new one. Who’s there to help you? Prudential of course. The website looks at barriers stopping people taking out life insurance or pensions (The It won’t happen to me attitude, for example), and explains how to take a realistic approach to risk. This is backed up by links to Update my life insurance and more. Prudential’s subsequent increase in brand awareness, consumer engagement and positive messaging response was testament to the success of the campaign. An astounding average of 1.5million viewers watched each of the 5 videos, placing it in households across America and the world.

Insurance Companies Content Marketing

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