Video content is now used by many brands as an integral part of their marketing strategy. But how do you measure it’s success, and make sure the right people are viewing your content?

Engagement and number of views

Engagement levels can show how much of your video was watched. Facebook and YouTube offer these metrics, which are usually shown as a percentage, but platforms do vary. Another way to measure engagement is via social sharing but this shouldn’t be used by itself as the numbers can be quite low.

Click through rates

If your call to action is to get people to click through to a particular web page, then this needs to be measured. Obviously this is about the numbers, but ideally what happens next (what people do on the website) should be monitored too.

Conversion rate

This is the amount of sales or leads that have resulted from someone viewing your video content. You usually need third party software such as Google Analytics to help with this. However, due to the very nature of the outcome (sales/leads), they can be the most useful form of measuring your video’s value.

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