The pre-launch period is crucial in any product or brand launch in terms of content creation and distribution. Indeed, in some cases, it can be even more important than the actual launch itself. During this time, you have the opportunity to reach out to your audience and start generating a buzz around your new product or service. A successful pre-launch is all about telling your story, building excitement and anticipation, which will hopefully lead to future sales and make you stand out amongst the competition.

Content is King

The natural starting point to any pre-launch is to create and share content amongst your target audience to incite interest and engagements. Content that gets users thinking about the product or service can help position the brand within the marketplace, so it is of utmost importance to get this right. When it comes to this pre-launch content, it is essential to gain insight into the target audience for this to be effective, including online behaviours and platform preferences. This will help identify suitable content that adds value and encourages affinity with the brand or product itself.

Keeping that in mind, content is not only synonymous with just blog posts. You will need to consider utilising anything from a video, to a quiz, to an infographic. In fact the more varied the content, the more engagement and synergy you will achieve. As long as it adds value to the user, and is worth their time, a strategic selection of content will be essential to drive engagement. You need to remember that this will vary from brand to brand and from sector to sector.

Make your voice heard

Your brand will need to have its own very specific tone of voice. Think about what makes your brand or product different from your competitors; what your unique value proposition is and how you will be able to solve problems better than your competitors. Find your own specific niche and decide what makes you worth listening to. Communicate this through your unique brand voice. You can be witty, funny, serious, or personable, but what matters is, that this comes alive through every piece of content shared with the audience.

Stand out from the crowd

There are copious amounts of content online these days, and much of this holds the same views, opinions, or approach to information so achieves very little cut through. How can you differentiate yourself from the rest of this content? What about saying something different or approaching information in alternate ways? The idea here is to not follow the crowd, but to stand out from it. If appropriate for your brand, take risks and think outside the box. Don’t just create a blog post, but add intriguing images and repurpose blogs into infographics, videos or podcasts to achieve a unique brand voice.

Make it interactive

Incorporating an interactive element into content helps to maintain the reader’s attention and interest. When content combines interaction and engagement, it, and the brand, is much more likely to make an impression on the consumer. Keep in mind though, that if this is a survey or a quiz, it should add value to the content and encourage some form of interaction.

Tying it all together

A successful pre-launch can be intrinsically linked to the content your brand creates and distributes online. Start by identifying your unique value proposition and brand voice, build upon competitors and fill in a gap that they don’t deliver against. Try to think differently and create varied content that encourages engagement and interaction. Your content should be relevant, create better experiences, add value and form connections with your audience. The final tip is to target the people that you want to talk to, and not try to appeal to the masses.

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