Beautiful beaches, smooth ski slopes, and most importantly, people having fun. That’s what holidays are about. Surely it’s an easy sell? Marketing collateral can be easy to come by in the travel industry, but how do you make it work harder? Sequential storytelling can be a useful tactic, especially at this time of the year when people are thinking, longingly, about a bit of sunshine, but haven’t decided where to go yet. Essentially it’s about whetting the appetite of your audience and making them interested in a holiday/service, then introducing purchase options before finally focusing in to make a sale.

Use social platforms

This tactic works particularly well with Facebook with a little planning:


1) Decide who you want to target.

You can really drill down to find your target audience with Facebook. For example you could aim for families with children, and break it down by age, location, gender and more.


2) Make them aware of what you’ve got to offer.

It’s time to gently raise awareness of your brand (it’s not a sales-pitch at this stage). Video has more impact than text or even pictures, and it’s a brilliant way to show off panoramic beach views, hotel facilities and more.


3) Get more detailed.

Now target those who have seen the first piece of content. Be specific about offers/services with a link to your website for sales. Make sure you promote any discounts or free kids clubs etc.


4) Follow-up.

Remind people about your offer by targeting those who visited your website, but didn’t make a purchase. They are clearly interested but haven’t yet been converted to a sale.

The benefits

Sequential storytelling can improve brand awareness and influence purchase decisions. Those who see all elements of a ‘story’ are more likely to click-through, view your product, and hopefully go on to purchase. Plus you can measure the success of any campaign with visits to your website and sales as a result.

You can read the full article by Laura Jennings of Headstream here.

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